Stainless Steel solar geysers - world leadership in production, research and development, made in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our Stainless Steel geyser production started at the end of the previous century. During the years our engineering and production teams have mastered the craft of fabricating geysers that last longer and perform better than the traditional alternatives. There are a number of technologies and techniques pioneered by SunTank, to name a few:

-          The use of Stainless Steel grade 1.4509 for manufacturing of solar geysers. This grade was developed specifically to handle extreme heat conditions. Solar geysers fabricated using this grade are immune to corrosion problems often experienced by water heaters that are incorrectly engineered. Of course, fabrication techniques must also be appropriate.

-          Our post fabrication weld treatment system was developed over the years using the wealth of experience accumulated. Our engineers are leading authority in the field of metal treatment, making sure that every Solar Geyser produced is designed for long service.

-          Double jacket Solar Geysers require careful design and highly accurate manufacturing process in order to perform well once in service. Both the heat exchange performance and the durability of our double jacket solar geysers are unmatched anywhere in the world.


SunTank solar panels – Making the latest solar absorption technology available to the South African market

-          The new Blackfusion TM absorber technology, developed in-house by our engineers, takes the SunTank solar panel another step up the cost efficiency and cost effectiveness ladder. Using Ultra thin copper substrate, chemically treated to enhance absorption and welded onto the heating manifold, the SunTank collector is at the forefront of innovation and implementation of the latest solar absorber technology.

Take a tour through this slideshow to obtain a firsthand impression of South Africa’s most advanced solar geyser and solar heating manufacturing facility.